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FFXIV Benmark system requirement

Just shy of 16k with i5 7600k and a Asus Strix 1080 on maximum settings, 2560X1080, never dropped below 70 FPS, 12s load times. I got extremely high too, but then i ran the bench and scored low. “extremely high” lmao I can’t be the only one who took that the wrong way. Cheap FFXIV Gil if i download ff14 in my ps4 and played it, then download it on my laptop; can i still logged or use the same account that i played in ps4? Or i need to create new character for pc? Thanks for any answer.

You can use the same account and characters BUT you have to get ps4 game codes for the main game and expansions, AND you need to also get game codes for the main game and expansions for the pc. You basically have to buy the game and expansions twice. I see. I saw in ps4 shop the ff14. But confused which one to i need to buy the €60bundle or i could just buy the €30?and what is better to play this?ps or pc?i mean if i dl it in ps4 will it be hard for me to play the game? If you want to play ps4/PC you have to own a copy of ARR and Heavensward on both systems. The same will go for needing two copies for Stormblood. i really need to buy the bundles that saw in ps4 store right? Not the idividual downloads?

What’s this? Does that mean I need to make a new character? Ohh okay. Psh, I can probably still run everything fine Buy FFXIV Gil .You guys better give us a good reason to keep tanking. 9958 on maximum full screen and 26 second total load time. Insert self conscious my pc is better than yours comment here. FF14’s social media person is not without a sense of humor. he Stormblood benchmark is live! Download it: and put your PC through its paces! Can’t wait? Then check out the benchmark in trailer form and see the red mage and samurai in action!

9.4k at 1080p/max setting on a 4.3ghz 2500k and radeon rx 470. If a system with a 6 year old cpu can score so highly pretty much any system should run this game. 2500k are still beastly. Still might not run very well on AMD of the same age. Or even Bulldozer / Piledriver. Yeah 2500k <3! I got 10.659 max settings but with an RX480. the 2500k maybe old but it’s still a very capable processor! soo i got a i7 4770 3.4ghz along with a GTX960. I got to extremely high aswell. But mine got to 7.2k score on 1920×1200 resolution. I kind of feel that is still low for the specs that i have. If that’s max settings, that seems about right. If you are running medium or laptop settings, you should probably get that checked out. hit 15k in 1080p and like right at 8k at 4k with a 980, fps difference was dramatic to 1080p avg was 105fps and 4k avg 35 fps. also a 12s loading time.

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new dungeon in Secrets of the Stratus

Subscribe to their newsletter lol you get free stuff every content update be it new story or new dungeon. GameStop and Best Buy has them .. Must be mastercard cheque or credit at least if not use paypal. Dont worry theyre completely secure. Does verification before recharge. My moneys on the next trove tho. or just sell your gold and buy it with currency exchange. Amazon, u can buy n coin from amazon and apply the code to your acount. Amazon, u can buy n coin from amazon and apply the code to your account. I went to Best buy to buy a prepaid card. Blade and Soul Gold Thank you all for the advice. I’ve used amazon before when they suddenly stopped allowing me to use my card, I contacted customer support and it took them a while to get back to me but for that duration I used amazon and they were all genuine and the same price as they would be in game.

GAMESTOP has all the cards too… most of the time…. 7 Eleven often has the cards. Andrew Choy Exactly how I get my freebies. 😛 Poor people who can’t subscribe to their newsletter. (No, subscribing doesn’t mean pay for those who don’t understand what subscribing to a newsletter means and confuses it with VIP subscription (really completely pointless). It just means let them “spam” your email. (must be a working one though because you’ll need to check it for any freebies like free VIP and exp boosts and even packs occasionally. Especially for those who play for a long time. That’s how I get so many items and lev so quick.~))

Well nice to know all the time I have invested and money has been a waste. Wait 3-4 years for this game to come to the USA and now look at it. Why play the game if you can just buy your way to lvl 50. Guess I’m going to be looking for a new and better game to play -sigh- here’s hoping. You’d still need a lvl 50 character in order to buy this. And it’s fucking expensive, not a lot of people are gonna actually use this. You don’t really have to worry. What about WoW? Nobody complains about insta 110lvl. It’s quite normal.

I refuse to play wow , I don’t like the graphics and game play. The beginning stuff is to learn your classes and now with this you risk running with people who have no idea how to play their class. I won’t be wasting my limited runs with a someone who doesn’t know how to play their class. That’s what guides and practice are for. This just helps skip the boring parts of the game. I like the combat of BnS but I’m stuck at level 10 because I don’t want to log on and level up. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I got to 42 in closed beta in about a day and a half and I just can’t go through that boring questing again.Lmao it takes 24 hours to level a fresh toon to 50. The 50 boost doesn’t come with gear either. So if 3 years of bns had got you to only level 50 with a set of lucient accessories, please uninstall the game.

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Mushin’s Tower in our Secrets of the Stratus dungeon overview

Get a quick look at Naryu Sanctum and the final floors of Mushin’s Tower in our Secrets of the Stratus dungeon overview. Nobody says this, but … good job Blade & Soul Keep doing an awesome job. Blade & Soul Gold CrisJan Flores Hi, please send an email to our Support using this address: and they can take a look at your account. Why do players get banned when they’re not playing for so long? I love this statement. I’m hype for solo content since, let’s be real, usually the community isn’t the… best. >.> Just capped a Kung Fu Master and am looking forward to trying Warlock + capping it before the Stratus patch hits \o/ Right there with you!

More pve content… Maybe i back play when release something pvp funny. No salty people over here? >.> miracle. The only ones left now are the die hards ??Still plenty of people though. Buy Blade and Soul Gold They all keep going group 1 May as merge for a mega server at this point. low level dungeons will take longer to find full party if new dungeons keep popping up. not complaining but simply stating some fact. Still waiting for vortex temple boss zulia with 2b hp And pvp matchmaking needs some improvements. hey PM me… i cannot dowload .. i cannot sig up..!!   it said account creation failed. Yea.and thai garena is not exactly SEA because of the language. really ? because at garena wiki it say thai and sea.

Yeah because you saw it on wiki so it must be true.. We’re LIVE! Come watch our Secrets of the Stratus preview stream on ! OMG ! Did the new patch come with an OCE server ?!?!?! If not i dont care…

Will have to watch again because of shitty connection. can you please not stream at 1 or 2 am in Eu time? its hard to see your streams and i need to bother you so you ffs buff dest in pve for love of satan! ?(??益?)?? hey PM me… i cannot dowload .. i cannot sig up..!! 😦 it said account creation failed. Join us this Thursday @ 4pm PDT for a Secrets of the Stratus preview stream oPay to win game lol quit it loong time ago dont understand how people can play pay2win games. So.. why do you still follow and comment on this page then???

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FFXIV ilvl260 weapon

Actually even with bad substat, the 3 WD can still make it better than i275. But yeah, it’s not worth grinding for (for me, at least). If I happen to get it while doing diadem collecting gacha boxes, then good. If not, then no problem. Imho, the only time you need to worry about whether or not you have the “best weapon” is if you’re running Extremes, and/or Savage mode because there it actually matters. If you’re not doing either one of those, then an ilvl260 weapon is just fine. So stressing one’s self out over the drop rate of a weapon that is, like someone else already mentioned, going to be rendered obsolete in 12(ish?) weeks anyway is pointless. Buy FFXIV Gil Diadem not bad its easy to get any grade materia and 265 gear with some okay stats i gotta say its worth giving it a try.

My oh my the salt of some people over a weapon, its pathetic to be honest, and this is coming from a guy that did the anima steps without nerfs. Yeah, seriously, and a weapon that is ONLY guaranteed to be like 3 points better on the base damage stat. Personally I have more important things to worry about, like trying to get my Phoenix, er “Fire Bird” mount before the expansion FFXIV Gil….. The weapon isn’t worth it. My god damn Kinna grimoire can hold better. The good reason to be salty about it is just they didn’t seem to have learnt their lesson. Such a waste… You beast thats what made me unsub. Im sure glad we did a12s to get inferior weapons to someone who killed a few dinosaurs!

A lot of the salt is over the fact that the ‘revamp’ of the Diadem just turned random mob killing into random mob killing + fates. They didn’t revamp it at all. It’s just instanced fate grinding. If it wasn’t for the absurd loot no one would even touch this, and as soon as the hardcore crowd have their drops it will die out just as the original Diadem did. What did they spend months and months working on? Have you already entered? If not, make sure to do so before the contest ends tomorrow for your chance to proudly display this chubbylicious custom PC on your desk! Even if I don’t win this, when I finally have enough money for a decent rig (you know, in year 2030) I’ll have to figure out what materials they used to make this because this thing is amazing!

This has to be the most complicated crap to enter from the phone, lol. Gotta start over again for every bonus entry to log into twitter/FB. Yeah, this is brutal on mobile. A mess of windows and log-ins. Entered! In serious need of an upgrade from this piss-poor $300 hand-me-down late grandma laptop that can’t even play Sims properly. Yup, all entries possible. I only own a school laptop. I haven’t had a way to play FFXIV since the vanilla game before Realm Reborn. Fingers crossed. I’ve just entered to the contest. This will be a great pc to have in my room. Corsair you really have outdone yourselves. To everyone participating good luck, I wish to all of you nothing but the best. It would be super chill if u had in game voice chat. It sucks having to type with the ps4 controller. By the time I’m done writing we’re not even on the same topic anymore.

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Yeah I just don’t have time to keep farming since have to wait for the event and rarely off from work. I prayed for that they draw Madun too soooo much, but they didn’t qVq btw she looks really cute . why game blocked for azerbaijan man :S i was playing on turkey without any issue now im getting error when try to log in pls fix :S The main reason games are usually blocked in certain countries is lack of servers. They might not have a server near you, and when you connect to other countries, you lag them. So you’ll need to wait for a server to open up. Thats for if the game is blocked for an entire country, if its just you, then their server is under maintenance or your computer needs fixing.

Another main reason is due to publishing licensing issues. well i gotta wait then :S thanks guy for helping. Breasts dont define if one is male or female as i have seen some real instances of virtually flat women. I might add that sometimes guys have breasts larger than a girl yet they are still a guy. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I beleive they are called moobs? Awesome great drawing alright & thanks! What attack power do i need to knock down pohorah? Well, m 490 nd i still can’t knock her down as an assassin. The answer is no. You endgame is base on raid, dailies, and pvp After that there’s nothing to do.


Enter a caption

BnS was a nice and fun game but suddenly it became p2w why not change the drop rate so stuff gets easier to get. Why can’t I log in at the Website please help.? I really have difficulty managing MSP raid as teamleader… ppl keep killing Green Yeti when they’re not supposed to. and now this.. a new leg weapon path, ok that’s good for those ppl who are already at baleful/seraph, it’s so sad that im still at true breeze weap i need to grind more…. bcaz that’s my whole life playing BnS -GRIND- lol buddy have you ever played maplestory?..u have no idea what grinding is.alright fam. i want to explain but its too much. it is just the grindiest and most pay2win game in existence. look it up. Looks like your “whole life playing BnS” is pretty short lol. 20-30 hours of playing i guess?

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What happened Square Enix?

Either way my phone needs Internet, battery and my eyes glued to it. Not missing this opportunity. That would be a dream meet – legend indeed! Yeah still here, I saw him in Berlin last March actually. If only..if only one could attend..true legend! Wish he’d come back to compose for the series again. Wish I could be there to meet this legendary man!  How many people can go to one time slot? Biggest has-been in videogame music. Kind of a shame.  I am so glad I met Nobuo in Chicago in 2008. He is my musical idol! To meet the legend himself is more then a honour.Valentione’s Day returns to the realm on Feb. 2! Read up on the details: Why couldn’t you put out the Valentione’s outfit from a few years ago?! Not everyone has been playing since then.. It’s not really fair to players who only started playing 5 months ago!

Hi i have done it with both livestream’s on my ps4 with no problems. That’s awesome to hear thank you so much. Wish they’d do something like this near or in Ohio. I’ve always wanted to go to a Final Fantasy convention, or in this case a fan festival. They have a Distant Worlds concert in NJ every year. Certainly not close to Ohio. Certainly closer than Frankfurt lol.  I’ve been to the Distant World’s concert when they came to Columbus. It was fantastic. Buy FFXIV Gil I even bought a DvD so I can watch it over and over again.

Uh it’s fair and they will not cater to whiners. I’ll complain all I want. I pay enough for this game. I would like to be able to earn the in game items like everyone else did. the outfits in the mog store for a few bucks. Doug Meteyard I know they are… That’s not my point though. I’ve been playing ffxiv since Aug last year, and I really like the events they have. But having to buy Cheap FFXIV Gil things that other players have earned, is a bit of a downer. Then there would be no incentive for the players who HAVE been playing for years. It’s not to punish you. I didn’t get legacy items (even though I actually did play pre ARR. I made a new account to play with my boyfriend).

It’s actually almost $7 Canadian for me. If the outfit was only $3, I wouldn’t complain about it… Lol. What happened Square Enix? I got on and expected quests and romance, and maybe some laughs, but all I did was talk to her fiance just to learn how to pucker my lips to form hearts and blow them. You can buy the minion and song sheet, yet there’s a repeatable quest for Prism. The event literally took me 5 minutes! This is so lazy compared to last year. I get that Stormblood is around the corner, but come on…  With all due respect, I don’t think you get just how big of a demand it is for them to be working on both Stormblood and Part 2 of the final Heavensward patch at the same time.

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FF14 is only for casual players

I to am possibly going to come back… just need to find a place that has friendly helpful folks as well. People on here are begging for F2P… Never. I don’t personally like the items in this event… However I need to give it up to SE for being able to make so many events, prizes, updates, dungeons, Buy FFXIV Gil area and content in general. We have SO many events every year. New years, Valentine’s day, anniversary (can’t remember the in game name), summer, easter, halloween, christmas, not to mention other event along the way. Not everyone is going to be an AMAZING giveaway but they do plenty. They can do all of these events and content adds thanks to a subscription. They keep it fun, updated, and I personally have seen a huge drop in Gil sellers. NEVER F2P.

Agreed, monthly subscriptions fund the quarterly patches and keep us from having to pay directly for equipment. F2p usually means minimal support. Honestly, Cheap FFXIV Gil ffxiv rarely has any big problems. It’s worth it. I wish they made FF14 the same as 11 was. I played 11 for about 8 years solid and was disappointed the way 14 went to a different battle system. If they would have made 14 just like 11 and just update the graphics and done it the same battle style Id be playing non stop. I tried 14 for a month and had to quit.

FF14 is only for casual players. If you play longer than 2 hours a day, you will run out of stuff to do very fast. And every new patch gets boring as hell after a couple of days because you finished all the new content and for the next 3 months you will be just spamming those same two dungeons for tomestones…It is made in the same style as wow so just grinding raids, trials and dungeons for gear that will get you into the next dungeons raids and trials without being kicked instantly and from what I could tell the end game stuff was not too difficult.

They made 14 like 11 was in the beginning when it was 1.0 and it absolutely flopped.  Because people are not into hard core content anymore.  I have played some f2p and have been satisfied with them. Took a break from this and tried some other things and I haven’t felt the urge to jump back onto this xD . And what game would that be? Jus got back into the game only the game freezes when logging into my character. This is on steam. Any ideas how to fix this? Tried updating your drivers?  used to be, events gave mounts or bardings, now just glamour and housing crap, when not everyone can compete with RMT gold buyers to even get a house, and you have to buy the bardings from the microtransaction shop.

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eso in ffxiv is own multiple houses

The problem here is that people feel entitled- that is to say, they deserve everything for free because they spent SOME money on it. They have little to no concept of the cost of the products or services they pay for, only that they deserve more.Reality check guys, THE WORLD OWES YOU NOTHING. Blade and Soul Gold Nobody owes you jack, you don’t deserve “free” content just because you paid for the base game that was solid WITHOUT any DLCs, and you should feel lucky that you get free content updates AT ALL. Please stop acting spoiled and entitled. It makes you look bad.

On a side note, spellcrafting would be nice but isn’t likely because it can be abused easily if not balanced properly. And leave it to gamers to abuse it for their advantage, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold it’s what we do. XD  I prefer abuse over stale content. By now the skill lines are stale content. There were already too few spell and skill choices to start with. After two years, we need some novelty that is not just passive skill lines. And Mages have not had any specific content tailored to them yet. Rogues have had thieving content and assassinating content. It just feels natural that the next step might be more geared toward mages or warrior. (Though warriors sorta had the upper hand when the game was launched.)

Aw shoot, I can have my own house? I’m assuming they will allow people to show off their house as well, maybe this will allow Roleplaying guilds to florish a bit more. Might pick the game back up just to mess with the housing. I always loved making my houses awesome in the last two “””real””” elder scrolls games.   Man stfu about “real” es games, I’ve been playing since daggerfall in 96, this isn’t a part of that series…it’s an mmo with most of the lore, races, etc…you fucking people are stupid.

Sounds pretty good. Everything they mention in this write up however you can already do in FFXIV 🙂 You can even catch fish and put them in aquariums in your home. based on the write up and the video and the details we have on the housing, I dont see where ESO’s housing will expand beyond anything available in ffxiv. Not sure what you mean by limited. One thing you can do in eso you cant in ffxiv is own multiple houses. I think in terms of customization, furnishings, and decorating options, ffxiv is ahead there.

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BNS new Ruins of Khanda Vihar content

Cerrelin will win NA this time.  hi guys !! please help me .. im here in phil. i want to play this game .. no1 cares about ded gaem. We’re taking a sneak peek at the new Ruins of Khanda Vihar content tomorrow at 4PM PST on!  please help someone changed my account i cant i cant speak to suuport HEEEEEELP !

Greetings! If you cannot access your account anymore, please contact i got banned today for *selling* the thing is i havent sell anything its so WTF pls help :/ i put money on this and now what?? grrr  Greetings, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold If you think your account has been banned wrongly and you would like to appeal your ban, please send an email directly to They will then review this ban.  i did it, but im afraid they might take *days* before giving an answer, i want my account back now >.< im really upset… i want my money back!!! we are players, we are cashers and we get *banned wrongly* srly? i thought it was something serious. i wonder how many ppl has lost their account the same way as me…

i wish the answer from support were that quick as on FB site. they usually answer after 1 day or so from the sending time.they unlocked it, i got no explanation tho, anyway i just wanted my account back .You can play on the NA or EU servers from the Philippines, Buy Blade and Soul Gold yes!  this game available in ph???  fix the game, i really don’t care much about expansions, i haven’t experienced the whole game since every time i play it crashes.

Agreed with you. gj doing stream in the middle of the night again for EU. Just as bad as doing maintenance in the middle of the day, on a wednesday when all the kids are home.  i would like to have better ping more than updates tbh pvp and even end game pve dungeons are so hard when your ping goes up to 200+.  same here i got more around 300-600ms here, but when i played the other games it just normal about 40-80ms. Two (big) towers – check.A big mountain/volcano at the background – check.An ominous pillar of light – check.Yep it’s Blade of The Rings.

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what is your current BNS max gear

That’s every game. If you go on a hiatus or quit for a year, you WILL be behind on content and will have to start from where you left off instead of trying to jump to the new stuff. BnS isnt an exception, stop acting like it is.  Its not acting, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold BNS has a ridiculous not to catch up mechanic, unless you pour in some real cash 😀 Fanboy posts inc.  Enna Mae didnt see it in wow or guild wars 2 as hard as in BNS, stop talking do some research.

To expand on my earlier comment: Instead of complaining, why don’t you start a 500 ap alliance? Geared players want similarly geared players because they want people that will carry the same weight. They don’t want to carry people. They want fast and efficient parties. And why should they have to carry those who that didn’t want to put in the work to gear up as they did?

GL finding them, imposible to even get into a medium clan only thing u see is 600-700+ AP all the time. Countles unruned just because noone responded. Dont get me wrong, Blade and Soul Gold the game is nice and all but the catching up system has it flaws…Missing tons of materials for evolutions just to catch the huge disadvantage that was created, its just not worth…  I agree with Ho’o Pedro. I didn’t get to play the game for close to 3 months and now I’m caught up with maxed gear before upgrading to legendary wep/acc. All you gotta do is put in effort in gearing.

1. Ya’ll needa know that when people say “every”, they dont really mean it. 2. MAJORITY of the games do this. I havent spent a penny on NCSoft and im pretty close to the current max gear. I have mats in bank and some gold, im just too lazy to do anything lol. You dont even need to get current max gear, i dont know why yall are getting so scared that youll be behind. If you want to do dungeons, then recruit for the AP thats around yours.

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